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8-stranded Superflex square braided - Mooring Rope

The 8-strand construction of the Superflex makes it easy to lay and makes the rope kink free. The higher breaking strength makes it possible to use smaller dimensions and Superflex are therefore more economical in use.

Technical specifications:
Material: Modified polypropylene filaments,
UV stabilised.
Construction: 8-Strand.
Colour: Green.
Specific gravity: 0.92 g/cm3 (floating).
Elongation at break: Approx. 20 %.
Melting point: 145°C.
Abraison resistance: Good.

Mooring Ropes and Slings.

For delivery in coils of 110 or 220 m, with 2 PVC protected eyes, but is also supplied in cut lengths and spliced according to requirement.

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