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Mooring Winch Lines

Reliability and safety
Typical Mooring Winch Lines are designed for secure and stable mooring and offer both long-term reliability and safety. The lines can be used on single and split drum winches.

Fyns Kran Udstyr A/S offers both original Atlas Lines (with Bayer fibres), which has become a recognised international standard, and the latest innovations, floating and jacketed winch lines, which have been produced in response to increasing customer demand and in accordance with high quality demands.

Fyns Kran Udstyr A/S can supply Mooring Winch Lines worldwide through our network of partners.

Floating or non-floating?
Atlas Winch Lines have been used on vessels for many years and even new buildings are being equipped with original Atlas, or similar, Dura Ropes.

Our experience has shown that shipowners are increasingly turning their attention to floating Winch Lines, due to the costs incurred when a non-floating rope becomes caught in the propeller or bow thruster.

Some shipowners feel more comfortable having a floating jacketed winch line on the winches, as higher safety levels for the crew are paramount.

Atlas mooring rope

Original Atlas mooring rope (applying German Bayer-fibres) is designed for secure and stable mooring. The rope has proven its excellent quality and performance for many, many years and has become the preferred winch line for many shipowners worldwide.
This is the rope where German fibre technology is combined with outstanding rope-making experience.


  • 8-stranded Superflex square braided - Mooring Rope


    The 8-strand construction of the Superflex makes it easy to lay and makes the rope kink free. The higher breaking strength makes it possible to use...

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