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Wire Rope Clips

  • IronGrip BG Wire Rope Grib


    IronGrip rope grips are tested according toEN 13411-3.IronGrip– will not damage the steel wire rope.IronGrip – easy to fit.IronGrip – guaranteed st...

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  • IronGrip BG-SS Wire Rope Grib Stainless


    The ideal stainless grip for small wire ropes up to a diameter of 6 mm. The grip has welded-in screws. Only one tool is needed for fitting. Withsta...

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  • Wire Rope Grib Galvanized


    Commercial Quality – Not approved for lifting applications.The grips must be fitted as illustrated. The nuts must be retightened after use. The dis...

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  • Wedge Socket For Steel Wire Rope - OWS Galvanized


    7 x 19 dry – standard steel wire rope.Right regular lay (RHOL) – Preformed. EN 12385. Min. tensile strength:Galvanized 200 kp/mm2 = 1960 N/mm2.

  • Crosby McKissick Open Wedge Socket S-421 "Terminator"


    S-421 T Terminator Crosby Open Wedge Socket has an efficiency of up to 80% of the stated strength of the steel wire rope with a tensile strength of...

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