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Wire Rope Clips

At Fyns Kran Udstyr we are specialized in providing various equipment for the Marine and Offshore industry. Our selection of Wire Rope Clips includes both stainless and galvanized options. 

Contact us if you are interested in a quote or have any questions about our products. 

  • IronGrip BG Wire Rope Grib


    IronGrip rope grips are tested according toEN 13411-3.IronGrip– will not damage the steel wire rope.IronGrip – easy to fit.IronGrip – guaranteed st...

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  • IronGrip BG-SS Wire Rope Grib Stainless


    The ideal stainless grip for small wire ropes up to a diameter of 6 mm. The grip has welded-in screws. Only one tool is needed for fitting. Withsta...

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  • Wire Rope Grib Galvanized


    Commercial Quality – Not approved for lifting applications.The grips must be fitted as illustrated. The nuts must be retightened after use. The dis...

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  • Wedge Socket For Steel Wire Rope - OWS Galvanized


    7 x 19 dry – standard steel wire rope.Right regular lay (RHOL) – Preformed. EN 12385. Min. tensile strength:Galvanized 200 kp/mm2 = 1960 N/mm2.

  • Crosby McKissick Open Wedge Socket S-421 "Terminator"


    S-421 T Terminator Crosby Open Wedge Socket has an efficiency of up to 80% of the stated strength of the steel wire rope with a tensile strength of...

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