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Turnbuckles are essential components in many rigging and suspension systems. They are commonly used to adjust the tension in cables, wires, ropes, and chains. Turnbuckles consist of two threaded eye bolts, each with a nut and a body that can be twisted to adjust the length of the turnbuckle. This allows for easy tensioning and fine-tuning of the system. Turnbuckles are made from high-quality materials and are designed for a long service life.

We offer a wide selection of turnbuckles to suit various applications. Our turnbuckles come in different sizes, materials, and load capacities to meet the needs of different industries. We have turnbuckles made from stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum, each with its own unique properties. Our turnbuckles are tested to ensure they meet industry standards and are safe to use. Whether you need turnbuckles for marine, construction, or industrial applications, we have the right products for you. Browse our range today and find the turnbuckles that best suit your needs.


  • Gunnebo Anja Turnbuckle 801 with forks


    The Gunnebo Anja Turnbuckle is a top-notch item that is created to fulfill the needs of demanding tasks. Constructed using superior quality materi...

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  • Gunnebo Anja Turnbuckle 401 with forks


    The Gunnebo Anja Turnbuckle is a high-quality product that is designed to meet the demands of the most challenging applications. Manufactured from ...

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  • GreenPin Turnbuckle with forks G-6316 No-lock


    Turnbuckles for rigging or tensioning of steel wire rope, rope and more. Deisgned for in-line rigging or lashingMaterial: Hot-dip galvanized steelS...

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