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Inspections are extremely important when it comes to heavy lifting.

Inspection of lifting gear is extremely important. When you are doing heavy lifts, the gear is under constant pressure. Even though the gear is durable and in high quality, there will eventually be wear and tear. That is why we need to inspect it regularly. Both to catch any flaws or tears before any accidents happens, but also because of the rules and regulations of lifting gear.

At Fyns Kran Udstyr we take safety precautions seriously, and we recommend that our customers choose us to inspect their gear and equipment. 

How does the inspection work? 

We come to you. We bring the neccessary equipment to test your gear, and we keep track on every single piece. You also get access to our app, EasyCert, where all the certifications can be accessed right after the inspection.

There are also other possiblities for us to do the inspection; Our OSR Concept.

- OSR Container - Rent our equipment with full service and handling

- OSR Container - Your equipment with full service and handling

- OSR Container - Your own equipment with ongoing service and maintenance