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Load Test Water Bags

Water load bags – Test loading using water

We are introducing Water Load Bags for test loading using water. They save time, they are safe and flexible, and they offer an economical way of carrying out test loading.

Water Load Bags are used on harbour cranes, ship cranes and offshore cranes, but industrial cranes can also benefit from test loading using water as ballast.

The Water Load Bags are easy to handle, and store when not in use.

Fyns Kran Udstyr A/S hires out, services and stores these Water Load Bags, and ensure that the equipment is always in good working order and that delivery times are kept to a minimum.

The experiences of a customer

Test loading with Water Load Bags shows that time can be saved compared with test loading using general concrete or iron blocks, because you can easily regulate the weight by allowing water into or out of the Water Load Bag.

This is an extremely safe method to use, and you can use a dynamometer to make sure your test loading is 100% correct. This is also an extremely safe system, because it means you will not have to carry out frequent rigging when you alter your test loads.

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