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Wire Rope End Fittings


  • Open Spelter Socket OSS194

    De Haan Special Equipment

    Made of cast steel.  Galvanized as standard. Can also be delivered ungalvanized or painted.

  • Nemag Rope Pear Socket


    For wire rope socketing.

  • Spelter Socket Crosby G-416


    Galvanized Spelter Socket made by Crosby. This spelter socket retains 100% of the tensile strength of the steel wire.rope Made of forged steel up t...

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  • Closed Spelter Socket - CSS

    De Haan Special Equipment

    Made of cast steel - galvanized.Available for wire rope diameters from 6 to 203 mm.

  • Closed Spelter Socket DIN 83313


    Closed Spelter Socket. Produced according to DIN 83313.

  • Nemag Quick Release Link


    For all Rope Pear Sockets.