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Wire Rope End Fittings

Take a look at our selection of Wire Rope End Fittings. At Fyns Kran Udstyr we are specialized in Wire Rope End Fitting and other Marine and Offshore solutions. 

Contact us if you have any questions or if you want a quote.  


  • Open Spelter Socket OSS194

    De Haan Special Equipment

    Made of cast steel.  Galvanized as standard. Can also be delivered ungalvanized or painted.

  • Nemag Rope Pear Socket


    For wire rope socketing.

  • Spelter Socket Crosby G-416


    Galvanized Spelter Socket made by Crosby. This spelter socket retains 100% of the tensile strength of the steel wire.rope Made of forged steel up t...

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  • Closed Spelter Socket - CSS

    De Haan Special Equipment

    Made of cast steel - galvanized.Available for wire rope diameters from 6 to 203 mm.

  • Closed Spelter Socket DIN 83313


    Closed Spelter Socket. Produced according to DIN 83313.

  • Nemag Quick Release Link


    For all Rope Pear Sockets.