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OSR - One Stop Rigging

One Stop Rigging is a full-service solution which includes re-certification, maintenance, storage and handling of the lifting gear.

One Stop Rigging

Looking for a one stop solution to service, maintenance and handling?


Lifting equipment is one of the key factors for a successful operation in the offshore, oil- and wind industry. Safety is the number one priority and products of the best quality are required to withstand the harsh offshore environments.

Your OSR Solution?

The code word for an optimal OSR solution is flexibility. Lifting gear and the ongoing inspection is a complex issue which requires enormous ressources. For some the cost is high – however primarily variable depending of industry, rules etc.

Handling and logistic

The OSR concept includes a full-service solution, where we will take care of all handling and storage of the container – and gear at our FKU Offshore Service Centre in Esbjerg (Lindø will also be a possibility). Handling and transport will be according to your demands and specifications.

Deep sea cable laying

Modular inventory

FKU is designing and producing the inventory for the OSR concept in our own machine factory LEHAKA. The design contains standard modules, which can be combined as to the type and amount of equipment you need. This will be relatively flexible as we are producing ”in house” which provides the best conditions for an optimal solution.

EasyCert database

Each piece of gear has its own certificate which is according to the standard ofshore regulative. The certificates will be in the container – and also online with various search options, warnings and a total view of all the equipment in the container.

Test, service and marking of gear

Test and re-certification is made according to offshore regulatives. All gear will be individuelly marked. We are using our online platform with ”click-and-go” procedure in eash test. We will also handle the container with encluded sling according to DNV 2.7.1.

one stop rigging

Safety features and procedures

We can deliver an inside cranesolution, which covers the whole container for lifting of heavy equipment (extra equipment). The gear will be sorted by type and size – strapped and secured with warning signs and safetyguides. Other items can be mounted on your request.

Maintenance, repair and replacementThe re-certification covers on-going maintenance of all the gear. All types of gear will always be ready for use. Gear that has not been approved and lost gear, will be replaced by new gear. New gear or spareparts are not included in the price. We will enclose a pricelist so you will know the prices.