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Dyneema Ropes and Slings

Dyneema is the world's strongest fiber. It's lightweight and versatile.

Dyneema rope

Ultra High Strength Fibre Ropes

U.H.M.W.P.E. (Dyneema®) fibre ropes are being increasingly employed in marine and offshore environments that require manual handling, such as mooring and towing operations, thereby replacing the heavy steel wire ropes with the ultra light and floating  ropes with Dyneema® fibres.

The process of mooring and hooking up is thus sped up, which, in time, will substantially reduce the vessel’s operating costs.

Ropes with Dyneema® fibres mean that your vessels can complete more voyages and take on more cargo, thus justifying the relatively higher price compared to steel wire ropes or ordinary fibre ropes. This makes ropes with Dyneema® fibres a long-term investment.

Safety managers will confirm that ropes with Dyneema® fibres are much safer for the user for a number of reasons as well as being environmentally friendly.

Dyneema rope in box

Advantages of robes with Dyneema® fibres:

Longer service life. Reduced fuel consumption. Safer for the user – also upon breaking. Maintenance free. Non-jacketed ropes are easy to inspect and splice – a sudden break during operation is easily rectified and the operation continued. No damage to mooring or towing equipment. Authorisation by OCIMF for the use of ropes with Dyneema® fibres as mooring lines on board tankers.

Dyneema® is a registered trademark of DSM Dyneema, Netherlands.

Dyneema Ropes and Slings


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