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Crane Wire Rope

Our crane wire rope comes in various sizes and constructions to cater to different lifting requirements. We offer both galvanized and ungalvanized crane wire rope to suit your specific needs. Our products are also tested and certified to meet industry standards, ensuring the safety and reliability of your lifting tasks.

When you choose our crane wire rope, you can expect superior performance and longevity, even under heavy loads or extreme weather conditions. We take pride in our commitment to delivering quality products and exceptional customer service, helping you find the right crane wire rope solution for your marine industry needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our crane wire rope and how we can assist you with your lifting requirements. Our team of experts is always ready to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the best recommendations for your specific needs.


  • Steel Wire Rope 7x19


    7 x 19 dry – standard steel wire rope.Right regular lay (RHOL) – Preformed. EN 12385. Min. tensile strength:Galvanized 200 kp/mm2 = 1960 N/mm2.

  • Steel Wire Rope 6x36+IWRC WS


    Right regular lay (RHOL). Galvanized. Preformed with steel core – EN 12385Min. tensile strength: Galvanized 200 kp/mm2 = 1960 N/mm2.

  • Steel Wire Rope 6x36+FC WS


    Right regular lay. Galvanized. Preformed with fibrecore – EN 12385.Min. tensile strength: Galvanized 200 kp/mm2 = 1960 N/mm2.