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Standard Wire Rope Sling

Wire Rope Sling made of Steel Wire Rope with fiber heart. The Wire Rope Sling is swaged with Talurit ferrules. When ordering please state your desired length = L.

All Wire Rope Slings are made according to order. Reference norm: DS/EN 13414-1.

WLL (safety factor 5:1)
The Danish Working Environment Authority prescribes:
For uneven, the following should be observed:
– Slings with 2-legs are calculated like a equivalent sling with 1-legberegnes som tilsvarende
– Slings with 3- and 4-legs are calculated like a equivalent sling with 2-legs.

In this connection, the Danish Working Environment Authority is of the opinion that a load will be uneven, unless it can be documented that it is equally / symmetrically distributed.

NOTE: Construction 6 x 36 WA/SE galv., min. brudstyrke 200 kp/mm2 (1960).


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