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Safety hook BKG GrabiQ

The GrabiQ hook by Gunnebo is a dependable and secure solution for lifting and rigging tasks that require utmost safety and dependability. It is designed specifically for use with chain slings and has been tested and approved according to the strictest industry standards. The hook is crafted from top-grade alloy steel, which lends it durability and resistance to wear and tear.

One of the standout aspects of the Gunnebo Safety Hook GrabiQ is its distinctive locking mechanism. The hook has a spring-loaded trigger that ensures the load remains firmly attached always, even when there is accidental disconnection. This creative design boosts safety and limits the risk of damage to the load being lifted. Moreover, the hook is designed to make attachment and detachment of chain slings effortless, hence making it versatile and handy for a range of lifting and rigging applications.

Safety hook with clevis connector and standard latch.

Fulfills requirements in:
EN 1677:2008 (WLL +25%), ASTM A952/A952M and AS 3776:2015

Safety factor 4:1

All dimensions in mm

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