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RLP - Rotating Lifting Point - Grade 10 - Gunnebo Industries

Gunnebo Industries is a renowned manufacturer of lifting points that are utilized extensively across various industries worldwide. Our lifting points are crafted and designed to offer a reliable and secure option for lifting heavy loads. They are made from high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity. Our lifting points are available in different types, sizes, and weight-bearing capacities to meet diverse lifting needs. We provide customized solutions in addition to standard options to satisfy the specific requirements of our customers. Our lifting points adhere to international safety standards and guidelines, guaranteeing the highest levels of safety and dependability during use.  

Rotating Lifting Point made by Gunnebo Industries in Sweden - Grade 10.

Dismountable D-ring to enable assembly of round sling, master link or hook directly onto the lifting point. The disassembly of the RLP is an easy turn of the D-ring, no tools are needed.

 RLP with Long Bolt supplied with nut and washer. Weight is calculated with standard bolt length.

Bolt, nut and washer according to: ISO 898-1 Class 10.9

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