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Master Link with Sublinks MT - Grade 10 - Gunnebo Industries

The Gunnebo Industries Master link is made from high-grade steel that is built to last, providing reliable performance even in harsh environments. Its smooth surface finish and precise dimensions ensure compatibility with a variety of lifting equipment and accessories. Whether you're lifting heavy machinery, construction materials, or other heavy loads, this master link is designed to handle the task with ease.

In addition to its quality construction, the Gunnebo Industries Master link also incorporates a unique identification code that allows for traceability and easy maintenance management. This feature makes it easy to keep track of your lifting equipment and perform regular inspections to ensure continued safety and reliability. With its superior design and durability, the Gunnebo Industries Master link is a must-have for any company that values safety, efficiency, and quality in their lifting operations. 

Master Link made by Gunnebo Industries in Sweden - Grade 10.

Designed for use with chain or wire rope. For 3- and 4-leg slings.

Fulfills requirements in: EN 1677:2008 (WLL +25%), ASTM A952/A952M, AS 3775:2014.

Engineered flat on the sublinks for sizes up to MT-16-10 except MT-9-10.

Safety Factor: 5:1 

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