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IP Lifting Clamp IPU10/S

We have a diverse selection of lifting clamps that are tailored to meet various capacity and application needs. These clamps, manufactured by IP, are crafted from top-quality materials, ensuring that they last long and are dependable and safe to use. They include horizontal and vertical lifting clamps, plate clamps, and beam clamps, among others. Our lifting clamps are designed to deliver optimal performance, are user-friendly, and perfect for use in multiple industrial settings. They have undergone testing and are certified to meet international safety standards, ensuring that your lifting activities are risk-free and efficient. Whether you need to elevate heavy loads such as steel plates, pipes, or beams, our lifting clamps are equipped to help you complete the task with ease and accuracy.
  • Capacity: 0,5 – 4,5 tonnes
  • Suitable for the lifting, turning (180°) and transfer in vertical position of stainless steel plates, beams and sections. These lifting clamps are fitted with a cam segment and a pivot made of stainless steel so as to avoid contact corrosion.
  • IPU 10/S is fitted with a hinged hoisting eye moving in all directions so as to enable the user to place and lift the load from any direction.
  • Min. WLL 10 % of max. WLL. (Stenciled in the clamp.)
  • Designfactor EN13155.

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