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Ingersoll Rand MR150 Man Rider Air Winch

As an industry leader, Ingersoll Rand has always been dedicated to providing top-quality equipment for marine and offshore operations. The MR150 Man Rider Air Winch, is a testament to their commitment to safety and reliability.

This air winch has been specifically designed for lifting and lowering personnel in offshore and marine applications. It features an innovative fail-safe braking system that ensures maximum safety for the operator, even in the event of air supply failure. Additionally, the winch is equipped with a spring-loaded disc brake that provides instant stopping power, ensuring quick and safe response times in case of an emergency. With a lifting capacity of up to 3,300 lbs., the MR150 Man Rider Air Winch is an ideal choice for offshore and marine applications where safety and reliability are of utmost importance.

Ingersoll Rand MR150 Man Rider® air winch is designed to minimize the risk of lifting people. The Man Rider® air winches meet or exceed strict safety standards for lifting and include i.a. features such as emergency lowering and redundant braking systems to ensure maximum user safety.

Ingersoll Rand truly was a pioneer in this product category with the development of the Man Rider® winch, and has delivered thousands of them to offshore workplaces around the world - often in the most extreme environments.

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