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Ergo Ratchet Strap With Hooks - 50mm/0,5+9,5m - 5T

The Ergo Ratchet Strap With Hooks is a high-quality, reliable strap designed to secure your load during transportation. With a width of 50mm and a length of 0,5+9,5m, this strap is perfect for securing medium to large-sized loads.

The strap is equipped with hooks, making it easy to attach to your load and the securing point on your vehicle. The extra-long handle allows you to easily pull down and tighten the strap, ensuring a secure hold on your load.

This strap has a Lashing Capacity (LC) of 2.50T (2500kg) and a Standard Tension Force of 500 kg. It also has a Minimum Breaking Load of 5000 kg, ensuring that it can handle even the heaviest loads.

Manufactured according to EN12195-2, this Ergo Ratchet Strap With Hooks is made to the highest standards, ensuring its durability and reliability over time. Choose this strap to keep your load safe and secure during transportation.


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