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Endless Ratchet Strap - 50mm/10m - 5T


- Endless design for easy and secure tightening

- Heavy-duty polyester webbing for durability and strength

- Ratchet mechanism allows for precise and controlled tensioning

- Double J-hook ends for versatile attachment options

- Meets European EN 12195-2 safety standards

The Endless Ratchet Strap is a reliable and sturdy choice for securing cargo during transportation. Its endless design ensures a secure hold without the risk of accidental release, while the heavy-duty polyester webbing can withstand tough conditions and heavy loads. The ratchet mechanism allows for precise tensioning and easy release, while the double J-hook ends provide versatile attachment options. With a lashing capacity of 2,5T and a minimum breaking load of 5000 kg, this 50mm/10m strap is suitable for a wide range of uses. It meets European safety standards EN 12195-2, ensuring peace of mind when transporting valuable or fragile goods. Invest in the Endless Ratchet Strap for a reliable and durable securing solution.

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