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Bracket For Weldable Lashing Point

Looking for a reliable and sturdy bracket for your lashing needs? Check out our Bracket for Weldable Lashing Point, which is perfect for various lashing applications. This bracket can be welded onto a deck or railing, making it a versatile and practical choice for your transporting needs.

It is commonly used in container transport on Ro/Ro-vessels, and can be paired with most end fittings for added convenience. Please note that this product only includes the bracket - a matching attachment eye should be purchased separately.

Our Bracket for Weldable Lashing Point is designed to lie flat with a rounded surface when not in use, reducing obstacles on deck and minimizing the risk of personal or product injury. Manufactured by WeDoLifting, our own private label, you can be assured of its quality and durability.

Invest in a reliable and efficient lashing solution with our Bracket for Weldable Lashing Point.

Note: This is only the bracket - please find a matching attachment eye.

Take a look at our Bracket for weldable lashing point - to be welded on deck or railing and to be used for several different lashing. Used in container transport on Ro/Ro-vessels etc. 

It fits most types of end fittings. Please note: When the lashing arent in use, the ring lies flat and has a round surface, which provides fewer obstacles on deck and minimizes the risk of personal or product injury.

The bracket is manufactured by WeDoLifting, our own private label. 

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