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DLP - De-centered Lifting Point - Grade 10 - Gunnebo Industries

Gunnebo Industries is a well-known producer of lifting points that are of high quality and are extensively used in various industries globally. Our lifting points are engineered and designed to provide a secure and dependable solution for lifting heavy loads. They are produced from superior quality materials and are subject to thorough testing to guarantee optimal efficiency and longevity.

Our lifting points come in different kinds, sizes, and weight-bearing capacities to cater to differing lifting requirements. We provide both standard and tailored solutions to satisfy the specific demands of our clients. Our lifting points follow international safety standards and guidelines, ensuring the highest level of safety and dependability when used. With Gunnebo lifting points, you can have confidence that your lifting operations are carried out with the utmost safety and productivity.

De-centered Lifting Point made by Gunnebo Industries in Sweden - Grade 10.

DLP is ideal in narrow spaces, such as corners or edge positions. Safety Factor: 4:1.

DLP with long bolt supplied with nut and washer. Weight is calculated with standard bolt length.

Bolt, nut and washer according to: ISO 898-1 Class 10.9.

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