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Lashing Equipment

At Fyns Kran Udstyr A/S we have specialised in lashing equipment for the marine industry.

Our lashing equipment product range covers:

  • Web Lashings from 0.5 tons to 8 tons
  • DK Cargo Safe Air Bags
  • Tensioners & chains Grade 8 & Grade 10
  • Lashing Chain Sets
  • Rigging Screws
  • Eye For Weldable Lashing Point


    This Eye for Weldable Lashing Point is a must-have for transport. It is designed to be welded easily onto deck or railing and can be used for sever...

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  • Bracket For Weldable Lashing Point


    Looking for a reliable and sturdy bracket for your lashing needs? Check out our Bracket for Weldable Lashing Point, which is perfect for various la...

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