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Lashing Chain Set - Grade 8

Looking for a reliable and durable lashing chain set? Look no further than our Grade 8 Lashing Chain Set. Designed to meet the standards set by EN 12195-3, this chain set is made to last and built to withstand heavy loads and tough conditions.

Featuring a hook with latch on one end and a locking pin in the shortening hook, this lashing chain set is easy to use and provides secure and stable support for your cargo. The set is available in two sizes: 10 mm/3.5m and 13 mm/3.5m, with chain dimensions of 10x30 and 13x39 respectively.

Built to meet the high standards of the industry, our Grade 8 Lashing Chain Set is an essential tool for anyone who needs to transport heavy loads securely and safely. Don't settle for second-rate equipment - choose the best and invest in your cargo's safety with our Grade 8 Lashing Chain Set.

Grade 8 according to EN 12195-3. Hook with latch one-end and locking pin in shortening hook. 

10 mm/3,5m - Chain Dimension: 10x30

13 mm/3,5m - Chain Dimension: 13x39

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