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Ingersoll Rand Pullstar Portable Air Winch

The Ingersoll Rand Pullstar Portable Air Winch is the perfect solution for the marine and offshore industry. This reliable and robust winch is designed to withstand harsh and demanding environments and is ideal for use in areas where electric power is not available or is limited. The winch is powered by compressed air, making it highly efficient and easy to operate.

Whether you need to lift heavy loads on a dock or deck, pull equipment onto a boat, or perform maintenance work in a remote location, this winch is up to the task. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport and use in tight spaces, while its rugged construction ensures long-lasting durability.

Ingersoll Rand Pullstar portable winches are built to use on horizontal surfaces with little to no incline.

The Pullstar portable winches has a rugged, compact design and they can easily be moved to wherever you need them to be. They also include a highly reliable gear motor and a free spooling clutch for rapid pulling out the rope manually. 

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