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Ingersoll Rand Pullstar Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winch

Ingersoll Rand, a global leader in industrial and commercial products, has launched its Pullstar Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winch, designed for tough marine and offshore applications. Built with high-strength steel and advanced hydraulic technology, this winch can handle heavy loads while operating smoothly and quietly.

The Pullstar winch is suitable for a wide range of applications including vessel mooring, anchor handling, and towing operations in harsh marine environments. With its robust construction and advanced features, this winch delivers reliable performance and ensures maximum safety for operators and equipment. Its hydraulic motor and brake systems offer precise control and easy operation, making it ideal for demanding marine and offshore applications. 

Ingersoll Rand heavy hydraulic Pullstar winches are designed for pulling. It has a reliable hydraulic motor and a solid steel construction.

Pullstar winches are perfect for harsh conditions and tough environments. Whatever your pulling needs, Ingersoll Rand heavy hydraulic winches are a great choise. 

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