Steel Wire Ropes


Fyns Kran Udstyr A/S stocks and supplies a wide range of Steel Wire Ropes from well selected manufacturers for various marine and offshore applications.

In addition to high-quality standard Steel Wire Ropes for general use, we supply ”Western”-made, standard non-rotating ropes on smaller cranes and lifeboat davits, along with high-quality Steel Wire Ropes for critical applications, such as hoisting and lifting ropes in heavy cranes, lifting ropes for stern ramps, internal car ramps and hang decks.

We also cater for top-quality demanding marine and offshore applications, such as large and long-length Steel Wire Ropes for giant cranes and tow lines for anchor handling and cable laying purposes.

We do also have the largest rigging workshop in Denmark. Here we have square meter of rigging workshop to solve customer-specific and customized wire solutions.

Special Steel Wire Ropes of high quality

Special Steel Wire Ropes of high quality from CASAR, Germany, have been proven to have a longer service life and therefore CASAR has been chosen as one of our preferred suppliers.

Over the years, the company has thus won a number of large Steel Wire Rope contracts from well-established industry, marine and offshore companies.

Its success is the result of efficient cooperation between Fyns Kran Udstyr A/S, CASAR and its customers. Thanks to our technical know-how, experience and flexibility, we are one of the preferred Steel Wire Rope partners worldwide.